Pastor's Welcome

Wayne Marshall  


I am glad you are taking the time to check up on Longview Heights Baptist Church. We want you to do so because we believe that God is doing a continually fresh work of His Spirit in our congregation. We have seen our precious Lord change lives through restoring marriages, calling people to the ministry and mission field, encouraging children, and involving the church family in life changing ministry both inside and outside the church walls.

Are we perfect? NO WAY!

Do we long to serve Jesus? IN EVERY WAY!

We are grateful to be a part of the great commission, reaching the world from 4501 Goodman Road. Our ministry involves new church plants, missions at home and around the world, recovery ministries, and special needs ministries. In addition, we believe in Sunday School (small groups) where everyone can know someone and every member can be accounted for in times of joy, need, or hurt. Couple that with a blended worship style and you have the ingredients for vibrant worship, victorious walk, and visionary work.

Come join us at your next opportunity. You can find a lot of information about us, including time of service, etc. throughout this website. If we can minister to your lives please let us know.

In Jesus,

Dr. Wayne Marshall

Senior Pastor


Longview Heights is a Southern Baptist Church and a member of the X-tended Missions Network of Northwest Mississippi.