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We believe it's important to connect with others. A growing community provides a strong foundation of support in a walk with Christ. At Longview, Community Groups are that community! Though we have a large church facility, Community Groups are not ultimately about buildings, organizational charts, record keeping, literature or job descriptions. Community Groups are about people! They are a place for you to belong... a place to experience love, support, and encouragement! They are a place to learn the Bible and to do ministry together.

Community Groups seek to develop and lead people to become Great Commission Christians that are involved in evangelism, discipleship, ministry, service, fellowship and worship. I encourage you to read through the most recent copy of our Community Groups list and we invite you to strongly consider joining one, if you have not done so already.

If you are a parent,  please remember that it is very important to encourage your children to attend Community Groups. We have classes for all ages, ranging from bed babies to senior adults. Specifically for adults, we have classes for singles, coeds, couples, and men and women.

Within our Community Groups list, you will find names of teachers who are investing their lives for the Kingdom, going the second mile on a regular basis, and faithfully serving to provide meaningful Bible study and learning opportunities for you and people of all ages. You are welcome to visit a class where you can study the Word of God and meet new people! Longview Heights Baptist Church would be honored by your presence and I pray that God will lead you and your family to plant your lives in Kingdom building!

Community Groups

Jr High Students

6th Boys

6th Girls

7th & 8th Boys

7th & 8th Girls

Jared Ufferman
Marty Dunlap

Ginnie Moore
Katie White

Steven Waller
Nathan Martin
Clark Richardson
Lance Presley

Amanda Meadows
Debbie Caine
Elizabeth Sorrells 

E 217 

E 216

E 219

E 221

High School Students

9th & 10th Boys

9th & 10th Girls

11th & 12th Boys

11th & 12th Girls

Brian Stephens
Don Carson
Steve Cooksey    

Lindsay Walker
Jennifer Russel
Ali Sims

Chris Weaks
Chad Gargis
Randy Meadows
Brandon Chamoun

Beth Stephens
Cindy Owens
Shelly Fox

E 213

E 212


E 208

Special Needs

Sensory Room


Men B

Men C

Liz Jennings
LouAnn Dunger
Natalie Goff

Tris Mangum
Amy Word
Jo Cox

Doug Ufferman
Jed Mosley

Karen Williams
Dale Owens

C 106

C 102

C 103

C 101

20 Something Groups

Coed Career

Coed College


Vlad Baraniuk

Ephraim Ringo

Justin Hancock

F 205

F 204

C 127 

30 Something Groups





Donnie Jarnagin 

Mark Cantrell
Mike Chatham
Ethan Constant

Wally Northam 

Rachel Richardson

C 216

C 215

C 223

C 218

40 Something Groups




Rusty Parsons
Scott Sims 

Scotty Moss 

Mike Dunger

C 221

C 136

F 210

50 Something Groups





Daniel Clark  

Jimmy White

Dennis Wofford 

Patti Pond

E 113

C 222

F 214

E 112

60 Something Groups








Rick Griffin

Mike Dougherty

Jerry Vinzetta

Jimmy Franks

Dot Maki
Rose Hendrix

Kathy Fuqua

Gerald Wright

E 216

W 203

W 115

W 107

W 114

E 102

W 201

70 & Better










Kathy Fewell      

Cathy Beach

Kay Carson        

Jerebeth Mehler
Bonnie Green          

Monte Fulton

Richard Donahue
Jim Grimes

James Sparks

Mike Nowell
Johnny O'Daniel

Jerry Greene
Lee Castle

E 110

E 109

W 103

E 111

E 104

E 103

E 108

F 105

W 101

grow groups

Grow Groups are our discipleship classes that are seasonal groups including Men’s Studies, Women’s Studies, Core Studies, Coed Studies, D-Groups, and Help Studies. Keep an eye out for more information about open enrollment as these groups continue to develop.

For more information contact James Walker at jwalker@LHBC.me

core studies

Studies that are at the core of what a believer needs as a part of their walk with Christ. These are foundational for a disciple to experience before making a disciple.

Experiencing God

Learn More


men's & women's groups

support studies

Studies designed to support marriages, families, men, and women in their walk through life issues.

Purpose - Wednesdays

DAY/TIME: Wednesdays

Purpose - Sundays

DAY/TIME: sundays

restore studies

Studies for specific areas of life that need a special focus from God’s word as participants navigate life.