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Next Steps track

Next Steps helps you discover more about Longview and about your purpose as a Christ-follower. It is an intentional 3-week class that focuses on helping everyone to KNOW Christ, community and our church, to GROW in spiritual maturity, generosity, and ministry and to GO into our church, our city, and across cultures. It explains who we are as a church family, helps you discover your unique design for serving others, and provides information on various serving opportunities.

As part of Longview's membership process, Next Steps meets the first 3 Sundays of each month, excluding December. It can be completed at any time and the classes can be done in any order. Contact James Walker at for more information about Next Steps.
Connect with Longview as you learn about our mandate, map, and motives that drive everything we do as a church family.
Discover your SERVE profile as you identify your spiritual gifts, life’s spiritual markers, personality type, vocational skills, and passion for serving others.
Find opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others as you go into our church, city, and across cultures.

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